Making the most of Belong
week 1

It’s really exciting that you’re coming to Belong this week. I’m praying it will be a really helpful time together. As you know, Belong is about two things – belonging to Jesus and belonging to Evening Church. I thought I’d share three things that could help you make the most of it:

1. Get there on time (3pm, Parkview building) – A really valuable part of Belong is getting to know other new(ish) people at church. If you’re late, that’s less time to hang out together. So please make sure you’re there at 3. If you have trouble finding it, send me (Gerard) a text.

2. Get to know others – Some people find it hard to meet new people. That’s OK – it’s pretty natural. One good thing about Belong is that everyone is kind-of new, so you’re going through that together. Come prepared to get to know other people – show an interest in who they are, what they do, where they come from, etc.

3. Go to dinner after church – You’re meeting new people at Belong, why not get the group together and head out for dinner after church? Other church members write a place to go on the blackboard at the end of church. If you go as a small group from Belong, it’d be a great way to keep meeting each other and meet some other church members too.

This is the Parkview building. You can enter through the door at the bottom of the path.

When you come in, walk to the left and you will see the circled door. Go in there and we’ll be seated on the lounge chairs at the end of the room.