Making the most of church
week 3

This is our last week of Belong 🙁 But it’s just the beginning of your time at Evening Church. So here’s a couple of tips for how to make the most of each week at church:

Remember that everyone was new once
It can be hard when you’re new – so many faces you don’t know and things being done in a way you might not be used to. Hopefully you feel comfortable around a few more of those faces now that you’ve done Belong. But it’s also good to remember that everyone was new once. They might feel completely at-home at church now, but it wasn’t always that way. Sometimes it simply takes time to build relationships. So don’t give up, stick at it 🙂 One of the wonderful things about being part of a church is that you form great relationships with many different people. Keep being open to meeting someone new.

Remember why we come to church
Church isn’t primarily a social club. Like I said, God does bless us with great relationships at church (he is the God of love, after all). But church is primarily about God – hearing from his word and serving him by serving others. Come ready to learn from the word (why not read the passage before you come?) and come ready to encourage and build others up. A helpful phrase is ‘construction over consumption’ – come to church to construct / build others up in love. Don’t come simply to consume for yourself.

The ‘pew prayer’
Related to the last point, a great way to come into church is with prayer. Pray God would sit you next to someone you can welcome, that he would open your ears to pay attention to his word during the service, that he would bless you with a conversation that builds another up afterwards. It’s hard to have a bad time at church when you’re praying like that (and much more often than not, God is happy to answer those prayers with a hearty ‘yes!’)

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!