Dear Friends, Welcome to 2018 – what privileges we have and what opportunities as well. May God who gives bread not stone and fish not snakes greatly bless you. Today we welcome James West to … Read More

Farewells and the follow on

Dear Friends, Today an all too brief word of thanks to Col and Sally Adamson and Gav and Amy Perkins as they have their last Sundays with us on Staff – it is still possible … Read More

Comfort, controversy and concern

Dear Friends, Who does not want to be comfortable? Who wants to be uncomfortable? Yet comfort is probably one of the great idols in the church today. A mother never has a child and thinks … Read More

Halloween – remembering the holy ones

The night before November 1 is the evening before “All Saints Day”. So the word “halloween” means the evening (‘een’) before the day we remember the holy ones (‘hallow’). How do you become a holy … Read More

Staff comings and goings – part 2

Dear Friends, Part Two of our staff movements for 2018! Student Ministers Rebecca (and Dan) Antaw – Rebecca has been linked to the 5pm congregation and has done a wonderful job in caring for individuals … Read More

Staff comings and goings

Dear Friends, To keep you up to date with our staff movements, one of two letters on the latest information – this week Ministry and Administration Staff and next week Student Ministers and MTS Apprentices. … Read More

Great faith in the face of trouble

Dear Friends, I’ve been reading the wonderful diary of a Christian man, Douglas Taylor (who died in 2014) as he recorded his journey. Here is a section worth reading – even as we pray on … Read More

Life words and death words

Dear friends, The words we say have huge impact for either good or ill. Proverbs 18:21 says that the tongue has the power of life and death. Words which we say, write, type, and/or text. … Read More