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Easter 2019

You remember the old joke of the four men in a small plane – a pilot, a student, a bishop and a brilliant professor.

As the plane is flying along the pilot radios back to say “I’m sorry to tell you that the engines have failed – I’m even sorrier to tell you that we only have three parachutes. But since I own the plane and the parachutes, I’m taking one” and out he jumps.

The brilliant professor then jumps up and says, “I am so clever that we owe it to the country to keep me alive – so I’m taking one too” and out he jumps.

The old bishop then says to the student, “I’m an old man – you take the last parachute.” To which the student replies, “There are still two parachutes sir, the brilliant professor just left with my rucksack.”

Most people are moving towards death under the illusion that they are safe – but the ‘rucksack’ of optimism and “I’m a good person” thinking, will tragically fail them. Only the ‘parachute’ of Jesus Christ will make you safe to arrive – did not Jesus say, “I am the way…no one comes to the Father except by me”?
(John 14:6). If you are not ready for death you are not ready for life – why not join us this Easter to find out how to be safe and sure!

Join us for hope with good reason this Easter at St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney

19 April Good Friday
8am Communion

21 April Easter Sunday
8am Comunion
10am Family
5pm All ages


April 19, 2019
April 21, 2019


St Thomas’ Church North Sydney
Corner Church & McLaren Streets
North Sydney, Australia
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