As God has been gracious and generous to us (2 Cor 8:9) and did not spare His only Son to purchase our salvation, we should be like Him and give to Word-based ministries as best we are able. We give priority to Word-based ministries because we want people to hear the gospel and not just get temporary relief. We also know that only Christians will support such ministry and that it will last when all else fades away.

We need everyone to support the financial load, as good stewards of what God has given us – please do not leave the generosity to others.



St Thomas’ is currently fund raising towards our church vestry project.

Notable works will include:
- Repairs to roof and walls;
- New Television facility;
- New kitchen and associated joinery;
- Air Conditioning;
- More suitable storage space;
- Enlarged comfortable and private crèche; and
- Better access to the disabled toilets.

These alterations will, on completion, enable the vestry and crèche to be more attractive for our local Community and more useful for our own Church families. We estimate costing at approximately $115K, including contingencies. Your support would be both a blessing to St Thomas' and greatly appreciated.

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