Estate planning

Furthering the work of the gospel

Your bequest is significant

It is a great blessing to a church when a God-sent gift comes from the bequest of a saint gone to glory. Leaving a bequest, no matter how large or small, to St Thomas’ Anglican Church is one of the greatest ways you can impact the spread of the gospel.

When making a gift in your will it is important to use the correct legal terminology and therefore you should consult a Solicitor to draft your will which will ensure all your wishes are taken into account.

There are a number of ways that you can make provisions in your will:

  • A specific amount of money

  • A percentage of your estate

  • The residue of your estate

  • The whole of your estate

Please discuss this with your solicitor and whatever option you choose, you should add words such as: “I give to St Thomas’ Anglican Church, North Sydney (ABN 20 197 630 929) for its general purpose, free of all duties, the sum of $X for which a receipt of the Treasurer, for the time being of the church, will be a sufficient discharge for my executor or trustee.”

If you wish to discuss your plans confidentially, please contact reception on 8908 4800 to speak with our Treasurer.