Letter from Luke Shooter

Dear church family,

As you may know we have a wonderful opportunity to teach over 400 children and teenagers the gospel through our SRE (or ‘Scripture’) classes each week.

We have four teams who teach 22 classes across four local public schools: North Sydney Demonstration (Dem), Cammeraygal High School (CHS), North Sydney Boys (NSB) and North Sydney Girls (NSG).

I am writing to ask you to consider teaching SRE with one of our four teams in 2022.

SRE is an amazing opportunity. For some of the students, we provide the only Christian input in their lives. For others, from Christian homes, we are a vital source of encouragement to live as Christians in these public schools.

  • Anna Elias (from our 5pm congregation) traces the beginning of her journey to Christ back to an SRE class that Kenny Lloyd took when she attended NSG as a student.
  • Holly Carter (who now runs our JAFFA program for children in years 3-6 on a Friday afternoon) heard about JAFFA through SRE at the Dem, came along to JAFFA and then to Lights, and became a Christian at Lights.
  • Allan Watts faithfully taught / trained the same year group for 6 years at NSB and two of those boys from that year now return to help with SRE at NSB after the uni classes.

This is a wonderful ministry and over the years we have seen many encouraged and converted.

So would you consider teaching SRE with one of our four teams in 2022?

Here is what is involved:

  • Clear on the gospel and have desired to share the gospel in a classroom setting
  • Safe ministry & WWC number
  • Ten hours of SRE training (online by Youthworks)
  • Approx. one-two hours per week (during school terms)

SRE classes are on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons (1:30-3:15pm) or Thursday morning (8:30-9:30am).

You can visit a class before you commit, and you will be partnered with an experienced teacher. You can find more details from Youthworks here.

If you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Please email.

Together in Christ,
Luke Shooter