Dear brothers and sisters,

  1. Community Party and Carols
    Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard to make the Community Party and Carols Service such a wonderful occasion last week. We have been blessed by the Lord with fantastic grounds and an incredible building. How wonderful that we are able to use them to connect with those who do not yet know the Lord Jesus and proclaim his gospel to them.

    Many took away Luke’s gospels and all heard the gospel proclaimed excellently by Dave Jensen. Do pray that the seed of the gospel word will have fallen on ‘good soil’ (Mark 4:20). And please ask the Lord to bring people along to our church again and to the Hope Explored course starting on February 9th. Click here to find out more.

  2. 10am minister:
    I am thrilled to be able up to announce that Paul Dudley has accepted a position as our new 10am minister. As a significant part of that role he will be overseeing and developing our children’s ministry (building on the wonderful work of Ali Macintosh). Alongside this he will be working for Arndell Anglican College as a consultant two days per week helping them to develop their approach to Christian education.

    Paul and Michelle along with their children have been long-standing and much loved members of the St Thomas’ church family. As many of you know from personal experience they are a wonderful, godly Christian couple.

    Paul comes with outstanding experience in gospel ministry in church settings at St James Croydon, Crossroads Church in Canberra and Holy Trinity Doncaster in Melbourne. And for the past 14 years hehas served as the Senior Chaplain at Shore School. Alongside this role he has also been a visiting lecturer at Sydney Missionary Bible College in children’s ministry, the Chair of the Barnabas Conference (a national conference of Christian educators) and a non-executive Director and Vice President of Quiz Worx. We are extremely privileged to have Paul join our team! I am very grateful to God for his providential hand in enabling this appointment and excited about the contribution that Paul and Michelle will make in this new role.

    Please pray for them as they make the transition from Shore to St Thomas’. They will be moving into one of the Parkview units towards the end of January and will begin on the staff soon after that.

  3. Other staffing needs:
    Although Paul’s arrival fills a great part of our need in our children’s work we are still under resourced in this area and continue to seek a children’s ministry coordinator.

    With the departure of James West after Christmas we are also in need of a music director very soon.

    We continue to seek someone to serve as a SRE coordinator. And the Preschool is also looking for a teacher.

    We continue to depend on the Lord for the provision of the right people for these important roles that will help us fulfil our mission to be a ‘pillar and buttress of the truth’ of the gospel (1 Tim 3:15). Please do pray and keep a look out!

I so look forward to seeing some of you tonight and others over the next few days.

Your brother in Christ,