Flowchart: Christians and same sex marriage


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1:00 What about the people who say there is no reason, other than hatred and bigotry, to oppose gay marriage?
2:00 There are already a lot of kids growing up with same sex parents or single parents. What would you say in response to people saying that same sex marriage won’t change that, it already exists?
3:06 What is the extent to which marriage increases accountability between couples, and may increase the longevity of a relationship? Could you argue SSM would benefit the welfare of children, as marriage helps couples be in committed and stable relationships?
8:22 What do you think is driving high divorce rates?
9:41 How do you advocate for children’s rights, which includes opposing gay marriage, and love your gay family and friends?
11:31 How do you have conversations with gay friends about this without rocking their identity?
13:11 How do you share your position on marriage and how you might be voting in a way that incorporates natural law, but also opens the door to the gospel?
15:35 What would you say to someone who has same sex parents but doesn’t have any issues with that?
17:57 Has it been more difficult since the US Supreme Court decision to be an advocate for the rights of the child?
19:01 How do we apply these arguments to the realm of gender identity?
21:30 What about people who are saying they don’t want kids, they just want the right to marry?
22:51 What skill sets do you need to be a children’s rights activist?
24:42 Should Christians be advocating rolling back no fault divorce laws?
27:10 Can you give us some ideas about how to educate and prepare our children regarding same sex marriage issues?
35:42 What’s been the hardest thing about taking your stance on this issue?
38:46 What are your thoughts on gay people who have said they support traditional marriage?
39:59 What might you say in response to Christians who believe the loving thing to do is vote yes?
42:21 How would you go about preparing and teaching kids at a younger age who have parents who are in same sex relationships?
44:11 How would you approach going to baby showers or weddings of friends in same sex relationships?
45:13 How would you respond to people saying that a no outcome will result in a rise in youth suicide rates?
45:59 What are your thoughts on the Australian Medical Association supporting the yes vote on the basis of the health of gay people?
46:34 What does the social science say about kids raised in same sex homes?