Dear Friends,

My dear mother – as her mind slipped away in her final years – would keep saying that “no-one tells me anything”.

I’d tell her that she had given her car away five years ago or no longer owned a dog or had two daughters or a son called “Simon” and she’d say “no-one tells me anything”. So in case you feel a stranger here…some things to know…

A   The Home Houseparty is on May 17-19 and (like salvation) it won’t force itself on you – you need to receive it first.

Do whatever is easiest for you – call the office (8908 4800) or go online or talk to a minister – because you will be glad you did and sorry you didn’t.

Most of us fall into the lonely trap every now and again – or the selfish trap – and this weekend is designed to build and bless you as you come to get built up and give blessing away.

The book of James is full of help on trials, wisdom, growth, values, consistency, speech, peace, fights, fellowship, tomorrow, money, patience, sickness and evangelism…etc.

You will generally get out what you put in – join us!

B   I’ve been challenged and convicted by people in our fellowship who have no work – or in some cases – funds to live or a place to stay.

Some of our members go weeks or months (or more) between jobs and it makes life and home and fellowship very difficult.

On June 15 we are hoping to begin a process of support by having a Men’s Breakfast with a few men talking about the challenge of being out of work and then some “ideas collecting” around our table to get a safety net in place.

The Breakfast will be for all our men – to listen and contribute – on June 15 at 8am in Parkview.

C   You may know that we have been looking for a Treasurer for the Preschool and (very wonderfully) Tracey Pope (Gordon) has stepped forward – which is a great answer to prayer.

Because Rosanna Hill (the Director) is expecting a baby in July we are looking for a new Director and will interview in the next weeks. The Preschool is a vital part of our ministry and property.

D   Did you know that about 3% of the North Sydney community are Japanese? And did you know that about 50% of Japanese Christians become Christians outside Japan? And did you know that about 1% of the 127 million in Japan would identify as “evangelical Christian”? And did you know that St Thomas’ has a mix of nationalities consistent with our community – except in the area of Japanese nationality?

This past week at the staff meeting we met a Christian couple who feel burdened for lost Japanese people in Australia who are leaving soon for Japan for four years to learn the language and culture – and then will return to disciple Japanese Christians here to be ready for usefulness back home.

It seems to me that we should identify all the Japanese Christians at St Thomas’ and meet soon to consider how we can serve them better – and help the gospel advance both here and in Japan too. If you are – or know – a Japanese Christian please help me begin to collect names.

E   It’s always a privilege to welcome our missionaries back to our church for a while – and no-one more so than Beng and Le Wan Yeoh.

Their work in “World Vision in the Middle East” is so needy, complex, mind boggling and wonderful that we can only thank God for giving them the gifts and graces that He has.

I always feel it is a privilege to hear them and if you read this in time to join the breakfast on Sat 27 at 8am in the Hall or at Sunday service 10am on Sun 28 you will be enriched

Don’t say “no-one told you anything”!

Simon Manchester