Dear Friends,

To keep you up to date with our staff movements, one of two letters on the latest information – this week Ministry and Administration Staff and next week Student Ministers and MTS Apprentices. I am pleased to say that of all these people only one is actually moving on from St Thomas’…for a great new task.

Col and Sally Adamson
When I was an assistant you normally served two or three years. Col and Sally have been with us (part time or full time) for about ten years to our great advantage. It’s an excellent time for Col to think of the next phase of his ministry and he’s exploring a position at the moment that would train people for ministry – our great hope is that therefore he and Sally can continue at 10am. This move is for 2018.

James West
We have invited a young man called James West (musically gifted with a degree in music from the Conservatorium) to come and lead our music at 10am and 5pm. This will begin in late January 2018.
The musicians at 10am and 5pm have been wonderful stewards and James’ appointment is to take things forward in excellence and suitability for new needs in our services – please pray for and help this.

Sandra de Lange
Sandra has been on the staff part time for about 4 ½ years helping in every way but especially in finance. We have loved having her but she is taking on a new job and Callum Morris will help in her place (part time). These two are valued members of St Thomas’.

Tracey Laming
Tracey has been our Finance Manager for a couple of months having taken over from Irene Leung. Tracey and her husband David attend LCM Anglican Church – we are very grateful for the Lord’s provision of her.

Liz Reeks
Liz has been doing the Printing and Publicity for six months – as Bo Kang has been on Maternity Leave. Liz has done a wonderful job – helping the launch of our new website and many other contributions. Bo will be back in her position before the end of this year.

Yours in partnership,
Simon Manchester

PS: That quote in last week’s bulletin letter was entirely the words of another man battling cancer. I am well.

PPS: Next Sunday I am preaching at All Saints Parramatta on the occasion of their 170th anniversary. Our guest preacher at St Thomas’ will be Dr Chase Kuhn.