Dear Friends,

As you know, wonderful moments (such as holidays and weddings) don’t happen unless we lock them in and start making plans towards them.

This year we have another wonderful moment coming up in the life of our church: the Home Houseparty (which only comes around every 2 years). And with the Home Houseparty just around the corner, (well, 5 weeks away), I thought it might be good to hear from a few people why they are planning to attend this year.

Here is what they said:

  • “I like it how the Home Houseparty brings all the congregations together to stand in solidarity and sing God’s praises.” – Cathy, 8am
  • “I’m looking forward to the opportunity to set some time aside to think carefully and be challenged about how I should live in the light of Jesus’ return” – Lizzy, 8am
  • “It will be a weekend of excellent teaching. It’s great to have the opportunity to meet with others from different congregations, as well as making time too for quality time with those from our own congregation.” Allan, 10am
  • “Being a new family at St Thomas’, we can’t get enough of the great Christian community and the solid teaching, we are looking forward to being built up together.” Sam, student minister
  • “One of my favourite things is meeting people from the other congregations. It’s a great opportunity to get to know other Christians – who are a great encouragement!” Adri, 5pm
  • “I love coming to the Home Houseparty because: 1) it is a concentrated time spent under God’s Word, and 2) it is a time when the whole of St Thomas’ (8am, 10am, & 5pm) get together for fellowship. It is a rich few days of growing together, encouraging one another, and praising our God.” Chase, 5pm

I am also looking forward to the Home Houseparty – for a number of reasons. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Simon will teach the book of James. I’m also looking forward to coming together for some heart-stirring, roof-lifting praise. But I think one of the richest things we have at St Thomas’ is the sense of ‘family’ that we get when we all come together. There is room for everyone as the 8-month-olds are welcomed and held, and the 80-year-olds are loved and celebrated. So whether this is your first year at St Thomas’ or your fortieth, this will be wonderful ‘big-family’ moment as all three congregations come together.

To quote a wise minister… “So ‘can’ you come? ‘Can’ you commit? ‘Can’ you get free for the weekend?”

If you can come, just head to www.st-thomas.org.au/hhp to register.*

Let’s make this a great moment as we celebrate the Lord’s many blessings to us and as we think about how to press on in light of his return.

In Christ,

* Note: if you don’t have access to the internet then please ask a friend with a smartphone, or even just ask me, and we will be happy to register you on the spot – it takes all of one minute if you have your credit card details handy. Or you can always phone (the amazing) Amanda at reception (8908 4800) and she can help get you registered.