About St Thomas'

We believe that God became one of us in the person of Jesus Christ. He died in our place and rose again to bring us forgiveness and new life.

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Meet the team

Micky Mantle

Paul Dudley
8am, 10am and Kids Minister

Gerard O'Brien
Youth Minister

Philip Percival

Philip Percival
Music Minister

Luke Shooter
5pm Minister

Annaliese Waine
Children's Worker

Nick Ward

David Burdis

Jackson Burt

Jack Stileman

Callum Morris

Tracey Laming
Finance Manager

Amanda Rajaratnam
Office Manager

Albert Wong

Ken Chapman

John MacLeod

Mark Charlton

Our beliefs

There is one unique and eternal God, who exists in an everlasting loving relationship of Father, Son and Spirit – one God in three persons. God is sovereign in all things.

Men and women together are created in the image of God, and therefore enjoy a unique dignity in creation and a unique relationship with God.


Tragically, human nature is universally sinful since the fall and all are guilty before God. This leaves us under the wrath and condemnation of God.


We are unable to turn ourselves to God.

There is no other way to know God except that he reveals himself to us. The Bible is God’s revelation and the words of the Bible are divinely inspired and infallible, as originally given, and have supreme authority in all matters of faith, conduct and experience.


The Bible is sufficient for knowing God.

Jesus Christ is both fully God and truly human. He entered fully into human experience, enduring temptation, suffering and death. He was perfectly obedient to God his father.


In his death Jesus took on himself the consequences of human sin, but on the third day he rose from the dead bodily and is now exalted as ruler over all.

He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead.

Salvation is entirely of God’s grace and not of human merit or works. It is only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, as our representative and substitute, that the guilt, penalty and power of sin can be removed.


The Spirit enables the sinner to repent and put their faith in Jesus Christ.


Although we enjoy now the blessing of union with Christ and secure relationship with God, we await the final consummation of our hope with the return of Christ, the resurrection of our bodies and life with him eternally.

The Holy Spirit is co-equal with the Father and the Son, and indwells all true believers.


His role is to bring glory to Jesus Christ, thus making Jesus Christ central in all things.


The Spirit enables believers to grasp the truth of the Bible, transforming them and empowering them for service.


The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit to make the death of Christ effective in individual sinners, granting them repentance towards God, and faith in Jesus Christ.


The ongoing work of the indwelling Holy Spirit in the believer.

The visible church is the gathering of believers around Christ in his Word.


It is a community of people intended by God to bear witness to him and use their gifts as they work to build the church in love.


The Bible makes clear that in church leadership, as in marriage, the roles of men and women are not interchangeable. We are committed to expressing the differences within relationships of mutual dependence.

Micky Mantle

Micky has been the Rector at St Thomas’ since September 2021.  He grew up in Brisbane and moved to the UK for University where he remained working in Christian ministry and in Finance.  He returned to Australia in 2012 to complete the Bachelor of Divinity at Moore Theological College.  After College he served as an Assistant Minister at St Helen’s Bishopsgate in London.  Micky is married to Ellie and they have three children – Jono, Olivia and Theo.  

Gerard O'Brien

Gerard is married to Briar with two daughters and has been the Youth Minister at St Thomas’ for nine years. He loves shooting hoops and fried chicken, and speaks Spanish. He is more and more thankful for Jesus every day.

Luke Shooter

Luke has been the minister of the 5pm service since the beginning of 2022. He is married to Ling who is also involved in ministry at St Thomas’. He knew from a very young age that the best thing in life was following Jesus. During university the Lord really grew Luke in his faith. After university he worked for six years as a maritime engineer. Having grown up in other churches he was surprised when the Lord led him to study for ministry at Moore College. During his studies the Lord grew his love for the Word. He loves rugby, exploring Australia and enjoys solving chess puzzles to unwind.

Annaliese Waine

Annaliese currently serves at our Kids Church. She spent a year studying at St Helen’s Bishopgate in the UK, studying and training how to lead and share the Gospel in a variety of different ways. She moved back to Sydney to continue her studies at Cornhill. Annaliese also loves dancing, she started dancing at the age of 3 and has since pursued ballet teachings as a full-time job.

Nick Ward

Nick became a Christian as a teenager and has been talking about Jesus since. He serves with the team at 5pm and alongside Gerard at youth. Nick’s interested in any sport that involves a ball and has a love-hate relationship with golf. He studied Latin at uni but spent more time going to coffee shops than in class.

David Burdis

David is married to Amanda and they have a son named Samuel. He worked in the construction industry for five years, lived in London for two, and is now studying at Moore College. He loves an Italian pizza with beer, painting and drawing, and is slowly becoming a coffee snob living in Newtown.

Jack Stileman

Jack and his wife Sophie arrived in Sydney in January 2022 from Bromley in South East London. He grew up in Wimbledon where he had a summer job covering the tennis courts.

Tracey Laming

Tracey is married to David with four adult children and one grandson. She loves jigsaw puzzles, quilting, soccer and long walks.

Albert Wong

Albert works part time providing assistance to the Finance Manager after retiring from fulltime work. He has a background in corporate accounting. Albert and his wife Adeline enjoy serving at church in a variety of roles. They have a son. Albert likes playing golf and listening to music.