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We partner with individuals, families, and organizations engaged in a variety of kingdom work around the world. Partnership extends far beyond finances, and includes regularly praying for our missionaries and encouraging them through conversations, emails, or letters. You can engage with our partners and discover more about the exciting things God is doing in our City, Country, and World.

Click on the image below for more information on our mission partners and for the ability to sign up to their prayer requests and newsletter updates via email.

Vlad & Anna Kostornyy- Eurasia
Phil & Guinevere Swan - West Papua
John & Fiona McIvor - South Asia
Jotham Booker - Germany
Ryan & Lynne Verghese - Seychelles
Richard & Jeanette Chin - Australia
Glen & Beth McDonald - Australia
Amanda Mason - Australia
Kenny & Rose Lloyd - South Africa
Andrew & Steph Browning - Tanzania
Joshua & Anna Lesinko - Tanzania
Malcolm & Leanne - South East Asia
Gordon & Ruth - South Asia
Andy & Amy Maskell - Australia
Dan & Liv Webster - Namibia