Malcolm and Leanne

Training gospel-centred workers for God's growing church in South East Asia

Malcolm and Leanne are based in South East Asia with Church Missionary Society (CMS) having been both challenged and excited by the opportunities for ministry there. The believers there are open to having outside help to train local leaders and to share in church ministry. Mal and Leanne have been touched by their stories of persecution and believe God wants them to stand beside these believers.

They serve in a gospel-poor country; millions have not had the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news about Jesus. Bust exciting things are happening; the church in some areas is growing at a faster pace than pastors can be trained. Malcolm and Leanne serve at the only registered Bible college in their part of the country. It trains pastors and other workers to return to their own churches and to plant new churches in unreached areas. This work is strategic. Sending out well trained, gospel-centred workers into a culture which identifies its own traditional religions as being an integral part of its national identity, will give the church a good foundation for growth in the future.

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