Philip and Guinevere Swan

The young men began reading out loud, grins spreading across their faces. 'This translation is great! I can really understand it! What else have you got?' Responses like this are what motivate Philip and Guinevere to continue investing in language development and Bible translation. They long to see lives and communities transformed through people engaging with God's Word in their preferred languages and growing as disciples of Jesus.

After ten years based in Indonesia, Philip and Guinevere are now working from Melbourne. Guinevere continues as an advisor for the Papuan Malay translation team, working to complete the New Testament for the two million speakers of this regional language, and also serves as a translation consultant to other language teams in Indonesia.

Philip continues to support the Nimboran and Kemtuik translation teams remotely, and is drawing on his field experience and love of teaching to train future Bible translation, literacy and Scripture engagement specialists as a member of staff at SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) Australia. He is also a translation consultant-in-training.

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