Daniel and Olivia Webster

Dan and Liv grew up in Sydney attended St Thomas' for a number of years. After a few years of parish ministry within our church, they asked themselves the question, "How can we best serve God, given the gifts, characters and experiences He's given us?". After much prayer and consultation with others, they realised that they were willing and able to serve in cross-cultural ministry with Church Missionary Society (CMS).

Now in Namibia, where there are 36 different language groups. Dan is ministering to local pastors, seeking to grow their theological education and pastoral skills, while Liv is using her physio training to practically serve the local community and create gospel opportunities.

In Namibia, there's a church on most corners, but gospel truth is often lacking

In Windhoek, Namibia, Daniel and Olivia Webster recently celebrated the graduation of a number of students from the college where they serve, Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary.

As they share, “How good it was to see all these brothers and sisters now clearer about the gospel, more like Jesus and keen to serve him. Some of our graduates are now waiting to be ‘called’ to pastor a church, one is continuing training towards children’s work, and one is studying honours with us in order to teach at the college he has built in DRC.”

Here's a short video from Dan and Liv on their time in Namibia

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