Dear Friends,

  1. Today it is our hope that many of you will plan a walk this week – and take a bundle of the invitations for our March 17-24 week. It has been a great joy to meet many in the last few years who have come to our Christmas services because of the invitations in the letterbox. (As you know we regard the invitations as selling nothing and definitely not junk mail).
  2. On Sunday March 17 (at 8am, 10am and 5pm) I will attempt to speak on “Some answers for our messing world” and we will try to arrange services that are not too different from the normal but more thoughtful for the visitor.
  3. The midweek seminars cover seven practical topics and we really hope that you will (perhaps) choose one to attend and support.

    We will provide a simple supper in the Parkview entry foyer.  Each chairperson will be looking for someone to “run’ the supper (not provide the supper) if you would volunteer for the night you come.
    We will provide take home resources as best we can – booklets, materials, gospels – to follow the evening
    We will record the talks – if speakers are agreeable – but not the Q & A

  4. On Sunday March 24 (at 8am, 10am and 5pm) Mike will speak at all services on “Some answers for our messy relationships”.  Again we will try to arrange services that are not too different but sensitive to visitors.
  5. Those who chair are asked to welcome (not pray) and then explain the evening, introduce the speakers by name and keep things to time. Then they can field the questions and wind up by 9pm.
  6. Those who are giving input are asked to prepare their brief talks (speaking with notes) and either share their experiences or summarize what has been helpful – sensitive to visitors – speaking as a Christian but not being pushy.
  7. Your prayers for the fruit of this are invaluable.  “The horse is made ready for the day of battle but victory rests with the Lord” Proverbs 21:31

Simon Manchester