Dear Friends,

Today an all too brief word of thanks to Col and Sally Adamson and Gav and Amy Perkins as they have their last Sundays with us on Staff – it is still possible Col and Sally will be with us on Sundays in 2018 – and Christmas is coming fast.

Col and Sally Adamson

In about 2008, Col came to help on our evening music and then in 2011 came on as a fulltime pastor. What a friend he has been to us all – staying patient and kind with each person and task over the years.

The Music Team has always been a team of fellowship and servant-heartedness but Col has pastored the team with great warmth and affection – investing many, many hours of his time in the preparation for Sundays and the personal enthusiasm with which the music is played. How much too we appreciate Sally’s consistent love of people, leading of Women on Thursday, sharing in the singing and great support of Col.

We have loved having Col on the Staff Team – “Uncle Col” has brought great humour and help to our meetings and our planning. His heart for evangelism, keeping up with people on the fringe, gifts with people in trouble and faithful application of the Word he knows so well has been a comfort and help to many.

It has been a blessing to have Col helping people get into the church, settled in a small group and fed along the way.

This chapter of life – for them and us – has been a rich time of fellowship. The new chapter of training young people for ministry will spread his pastoral gifts around and invest in the future of Christ. We thank God for them.

Gav and Amy Perkins

In 2012 Gav and Amy came to St Thomas’ – along with Chase and Amy Kuhn as two ‘half positions’. Gav would give himself half to Cornhill and half to St Thomas’, Chase would give himself half to his doctorate and half to St Thomas’. It was a double blessing.

Gav became the first Director of Cornhill Sydney and has trained over one hundred people since in biblical exposition, biblical theology and in communication. The Cornhill ministry is now housed in Moore College and has a new Director for 2018. Gav has been a great friend and model to the students for these six year – who are spread out in different places now.

Gav also took on the 5pm Congregation and gave clear leadership – setting goals and taking initiatives. The evening service began to think of reaching all ages, providing its own weekend away and strengthening the small group system.

Gav has also been a great help to our staff meetings – providing clear insights as we read together and frequent ideas for new effectiveness. Things like the “BCA” evenings – in fact the series of seminars each year – plus our focus on “Engage, Evangelise, Establish, Equip” and the Christmas Community Party owe much to the fertile brain of Gav Perkins. We have also loved having Amy involved at St Thomas – discipling, caring, and drumming – plus Sophie, Hannah and Elliot.

Gav has been a great friend – also patient and kind – and his gifts are ready for a new and significant field in Bowral. May the Lord keep using him. We thank God for the family.

Follow on

As we look ahead – we still have five pastors and a few more clergy and chaplains in the congregations…we are very blessed – please pray for the filling of gaps left by Col and Gav.

On a personal note, I am feeling my age and will need the Body of Christ to keep looking after members.

I find it hard to keep up with:

and need your help in follow up and pastoral care. I have tried to communicate and involve people but don’t always get replies. Please be aware.

Yours in fellowship,

Simon Manchester