Gordon and Ruth

The Nepalese church faces significant challenges in equipping believers and sharing the gospel with the unreached.

Gordon is a civil engineer and Ruth is a palliative care specialist. They were both challenged to minister in less resources places, and the Lord led them independently to Nepal in the 1980s. They served in Nepal together for 10 years, and in 2013 God opened the door for them to return back to Nepal. Since then, they have been serving with Church Missionary Society (CMS) and the Internal Nepal Fellowship (INF), a Christian mission organisation serving the poor and marginalised people of Western Nepal through health and community work.

Despite persecution, the Nepalese church has grown rapidly over the last six decades, yet only 3% of the population follow Jesus. Gordon and Ruth live in Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal, and are actively involved with their local Nepalese church. They are privaledged to have many opportunities to equip the saints through participating in Bible studies, seniors groups, prayer meetings, fellowship groups, mentoring and hospitality.

Ruth is based at INF's Green Pastures Hospital where she shares Christ's compassion through pioneering palliative care developments, alleviating suffering, and ministering to grieving families. Gordon aims to use INF's scarce donor funds to efficiently provide the infrastructure needed to expand Nepal's health services. He is also the INF Expatriate Team Leader, providing pastoral and practical support for expat volunteers.

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