Brothers and Sisters,

Several of you have asked – how did Café Online on Monday night go? You can see some of it for yourself on the link below – but that doesn’t show several things – not least the hard work of the whole team involved. To me it was a tremendous encouragement to see St T’s people take ownership of this. The lower hall looked fabulous – the tech (after some initial glitches) worked well – the ‘buzz’ was good. And the feedback was in general excellent. Christians and non-Christians alike expressed appreciation. One non-Christian even asked for a copy of Magnificent Obsession.

To me this is what a church should be like – people working together – each seeking not their own glory, but the glory of Christ. This café will have worked if people see the beauty of Christ – we are John the Baptist type figures – ‘he must increase, I must decrease’. But people see the beauty of Christ through his people. It’s when brothers and sisters ‘dwell together in unity’ (Psalm 133) that the blessing is poured out.  So please pray for unity, humility, love and freedom for us all.

In all of this prayer is the key. Its good and essential to talk to people about Jesus – it’s just as essential, if not more so, to talk to Jesus about people. Why not pray for families and friends before you invite them along? The great advantage of doing it as a cybercafé is that those who are a bit scared about coming to a ‘meeting’ can just watch on their phone, tv or computer.  And they can also participate. It is a very ‘user friendly’ format.

This coming Monday we have another special guest – Colin Buchanan.  He will of course sing – and we will be looking at the subject of miracles (Magnificent Obsession ch.2). We could do with a few more people there – so feel free to sign up and bring a friend along. Please let me know via email or James West or Callum Morris…

If any of you have ideas, or comments, or constructive criticisms – please do pass them on. I used to have a t-shirt with the slogan – “please be patient with me – God’s not finished with me yet”. That’s the same for Café Online.

This week’s resources:

See you at church this Sunday…and at Café Online on the Monday…

Yours in Christ,
David Robertson

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