Dear friends

If we do not pray when we are in need, or when we are aware of others in need, then we are failing to honour God as God. Is he or is he not the source and giver of everything good? We know that he is. To fail to turn to him in our need is an expression of unbelief.

When we do bring our requests to him, we acknowledge his goodness. Our confidence in praying arises from his gracious invitation and his promise to hear our prayers. We have heard this invitation and promise in the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To actually pray is to take his invitation seriously and to believe his promise.

To pray is therefore to honour God as God.

There is much discussion these days in some Christian circles about “worship” – a term often used too loosely. Our English word “worship” comes from an old English word “worth-ship,” and means to honour the “worth” of someone.

To bring our requests to our heavenly Father is to “worship” him. We do not pray because we are worthy, but because he is good. By turning to him in our need, and as we see the needs of others, we are acknowledging his “worth” as the source of all goodness. There is no human activity that is more “worship” than turning to God for help, humbly trusting his promises.

Let us, then, worship him by praying for our world, for our country, for our neighbours, our friends — and even for ourselves. He is worth it!

Your brother in Christ Jesus

John Woodhouse (Acting Senior Minister)