Dear Friends,

A  Today at 10am we welcome from the South Sudan Francis Candiga and we welcome at 5pm our own Judy Gerber (serving in Nepal). Francis is the National Director of the Child Evangelism Fellowship of South Sudan – training Sunday School teachers in areas where there has been no Sunday School. We at St Thomas’ have played a small part in funding this work – and Francis has also worked in the refugee camps of Northern Uganda running holiday clubs and showing the Jesus film. It is a pleasure and privilege to have him with us.

And then Judy Gerber – a long-time member of St Thomas’ and a very experienced schoolteacher is now the School Director at KISC (the Kathmandu International Study Centre – a Christian school that provides education for the children of expatriates and locals) a school with a tremendous mission to Nepalese children. (Seeing how many report to her and seeing the complexities of the role we can only thank God that someone so able and gracious has taken the role!)

B  In September 1-8 we are organising a second Invitation Week and we would value your prayers. After the effectiveness of the one in March we are attempting again to offer the community  some resources from the local church. The first one was called “Some answers for hard times’, and this one will be “More answers for hard times”.

At this stage the programme is slowly coming together and looks like this:

Sunday Sept 1

Tuesday Sept 3

Wednesday Sept 4 – Friday Sept 6 (Being organised)

Sunday Sept 8

Please pray for this planning and effectiveness.

C   I tread a fine line between failing and succeeding. On the one hand I fail to keep up with every person, family, sadness, sickness and need. Recently I discovered that a sick member was unwell for 6 weeks with no call (getting through) from a minister. Thankfully about eight people from the church had made contact. Then I also discovered that a member who I thought was home was actually in hospital for two weeks – with no visit from me. This grieves me. But there is some success in that so many people appreciate the calls and emails and letters and visits that make them feel noticed and remembered and loved. But I realise there will always be a gap between the needs of the people and the care of the pastoral team – it’s just too hard to keep up with every grief and every family – there are over 800 on our rolls.

Can I ask you to do something?

D   Finally – have you ever wanted to help a younger believer grow but didn’t know how to do it and didn’t want to get locked into a very long system? I have produced a booklet (with Bo’s help) called “Fruit that lasts”. It has 5 brief studies on: Salvation: Assurance: Reading: Prayer: Fellowshipping. You can do these very easily one to one or even by yourself. They could also work in a group of young believers. They are simple and straightforward. You will find the booklets on the back bookstall. When you have looked through it why not do it yourself and then with a friend?

Yours in fellowship,
Simon Manchester