Dear Friends,

In two weeks it will be September 1st and we are seeking again to make some contact with our community – we must go to them and not sit waiting for them to come to us.

Going out in twos is a biblical thing (Luke 10:1) and we will be so encouraged if you can find a friend and a timeslot and a bundle of invitations and give them out this week [see the back table]. The contact from St Thomas’ is kind and a reminder to the community that we are seeking to serve.

Sunday September 1st at 8am and 10am …and 5pm

We have asked David Robertson to preach and it’s a privilege to have him do so. David has come out from Scotland to serve the city through the “City Bible Forum” and his expertise is presenting Christ in a wise and winsome way. If you are inviting someone to hear him you could say he is an author and has over a million readers of his “wee flea” blogs. He will speak on the wisdom of having faith in Christ. At 5pm I will preach from Matt 7:13-14 where Jesus speaks of the narrow gate and road and will look at whether “narrow” can ever be good and right.

Tuesday September 3rd at 7.30pm in Parkview
“What help is there for the end of life?

With an ageing population and with regular discussions on euthanasia we have invited Prof Melanie Lovell to come and give a short talk on the resources available today – and to answer questions. Melanie is the Senior Staff Specialist in Palliative Care for Hammond Care and serves as a Professor at the Sydney Medical School and University of Technology. It will be a great privilege to have a Christian leader in this field explain what is available. It will be a real help to have St Thomas’ people come and bring friends as well.

Wednesday September 4th at 7.30pm in Parkview
Steps to de-stress in key areas

Many of us heard Leisa Aitken – a Clinical Psychologist – speak to pastors and workers at a recent conference on practical ways to cope with life and home and work. It’s because she was so helpful and practical we have invited her to come on Wednesday night to speak and answer questions. This subject of stress is so big and wide ranging the value of the evening will depend a lot on the questions and answers. Please consider this as a good night to come and bring.

Thursday September 5th at 7.30pm in Parkview
Christianity in 15 minutes – with Q&A

We thought it wise – in the middle of such a week – to include an opportunity for people to hear the basics and raise their questions. In fact to make it a stimulating evening we will collect questions beforehand and make sure that many important issues are being addressed. This may be the night you choose to bring a friend.

Friday September 6th at 7.30pm in Parkview
Protecting children in this media age.

This seems to be the big issue today with warnings from all quarters on what children are seeing, the hours in front of a screen and the effects on personal and family life – to say nothing of the effects on the beliefs and ideas being picked up.

Paul Dudley has four children and regular contact with schoolchildren all week – plus his school is up to the mark on what can be done. This session is on at the same time as “Lights” so parents can come…and bring too.

Sunday September 8th at 8am and 10am …and 5pm

To finish the week we will look at the significance of the issues of Jesus Christ – at a time when many think the issues are irrelevant or insignificant. Plus so much confusion exists today as people see only “strange” images of Christianity and fear the “negative” messages from Christianity. In the morning I will seek to look at the importance of Christ for our nation and Mike Clark will be looking at the differences between true and false religion.

Please – pray for the invitations and events

“To whom much is given – much is required”

Simon Manchester