Dear Friends,

A   Thank you to all those who took the flyers for our “Invitation Week” to the community this last week – may the link be fruitful.
The seminars begin Monday week (March 18) going through to Friday week
(March 22) and it will help a lot if you could support one seminar and put your name on the board at the back.

B   Next Sunday is an “Invitation” Sunday and we will look at God’s plan for this unpredictable world – and we will welcome Dan McPhee from “Open Doors” to give us a window into the suffering church too.

C   On March 25 (Monday) we have the Annual General Meeting for the Preschool (7.30pm) and for the church (8pm).  This brief meeting gives a summary of the year past and a look into the year coming.
As the Preschool gets ready to farewell Rosanna Hill in July (Director of the Preschool) we will be praying and looking for a new person.
We are also farewelling Diana Bazon (Slee) who has been an outstanding help to the Preschool as Treasurer and Secretary – in a voluntary capacity – for the past five years.
Is there someone reading this – or someone you know – who could be a new treasurer for the Preschool?  It’s a ministry – not a paid ministry – but a vital one!  Please let me know.  The Board is a great team – but we need a treasurer.

D   The AGM for the church (8pm March 25) usually involves some reports – brief but good – to summarise the year so far.  It’s a great way to hear what is happening around St Thomas’ when you can’t get to everything.
Normally we would do some voting but this AGM will probably not need any voting because: (You can vote using the forms at the back but there is no need)

E   I am really thankful that last week we could hear from Jenny Chu our treasurer on the generosity that the Lord has exercised through His people to provide for the budget and for the building.  It was clear and encouraging.

F   I am also very thankful that today we can hear from the Property Committee (especially Peter Sheldon and Willi Schultheiss) on the progress of the church renovation.
Though it has been a year of scaffolding and noise we are near the finish and the effect of restored roof, walls and vestry – plus some lawn and a better path – is a wonderful contribution to the future of St Thomas’ ministry.  Peter, Willi and others have been amazing in their dedication and commitment.
Thank you for any contributions you have made – may the Lord enable the last bits to be done!

Yours in fellowship,
Simon Manchester