Dear Friends,

Many of us know the famous sayings of C.S Lewis (Lord, Liar or Lunatic etc.) but Paul Ford has collected the ‘inspirational letters’ of Lewis and here are some quotes you probably don’t know but may appreciate:

“It is one of the evils of rapid diffusion of news that the sorrows of all the world come to us every morning…and I doubt it is the duty of any private person to fix his mind on ills which he cannot help” (1946!!) p.119

“Keep clear of psychiatrists unless you know they are also Christians. Otherwise they start with the assumption that your religion is an illusion and try to cure it – and this assumption they make…as amateur philosophers” p.122

“To keep us from fixing our heart onto passing things, all God’s resources will be brought against us to detach us…insecurity, war, poverty, pain, unpopularity, loneliness…we must be taught that this tent is not home.” P.149

“I naturally loathe nearly all hymns and the face and life of the woman singing in the next pew teaches me that good taste in music is not necessary to salvation.” P.152 (!!)

“How could an idiotic universe have produced creatures whose mere dreams are so much stronger, better, subtler than itself? P.155

“Notice how we are perpetually surprised at time (How time flies! See how he’s grown!) Why? Unless indeed there is something in us that is not temporal” p.156

On doubt: “I do get that sudden feeling that the whole thing is hocus pocus…sceptical ruts have been deeply engraved in our thought…one gets more by passing steadily on through these interruptions than on occasions when all goes smoothly” p.162

To a new believer: “excitement never lasts. This is the push to start you off on your first bicycle – you will be left to do lots of hard pedalling later on…good for your spiritual leg muscles.”p.180

“Don’t send me any news cuttings. I never believe a word said in the papers.” p.192 (!!)

“The differences between a pagan and an apostate is the difference between an unmarried woman and an adulteress.” P.219

“About sleep – do you find that the great secret is to not care whether you sleep? Sleep is a jade who scorns her suitors and woos her scorners.” p.221

“Suffering by itself does not fester or poison but resentment does.” P.231

On God’s sovereignty and human responsibility: “Suppose that in a novel a character gets killed in a railway accident. Is his death due to chance (e.g. the signals being wrong) or to the novelist? Well of course both.” P.258

“What do ships, railways, mines, cars and government exist for except that people may be fed, warmed and safe in their own homes? So (to mums who remain at home) your job is the one for which all others exist.” p.260

“The symbols under which Heaven is presented to us are (a) a dinner party (b) a wedding (c) a city (d) a concert (Rev 3:8-14). How could the guests or citizens not know one another? And how can love be commanded if it is to be cut short?” p.189



✽Did you know that Cornhill 2019 involves just a Tuesday? If you can free yourself why not grow yourself? See Cornhill website.

✽We are reviewing the “Member Care’ initiative to find the people in the congregation who are able and willing to call or visit those in need. [Of course much happens already] If you would like to offer your help to Member Care (at the level you can afford) please fill in a Connect Card (found in the bibles) to tell us.

✽The last, short, Prayer Meeting (7.45- 8.30pm) for the year will be on Wed December 12 before all the Christmas outreach and all the holiday missions. I will take the Prayer Meeting in the Memorial Hall and hope you will join if you possibly can.

Yours in fellowship