Letter from Mickey Mantle

Dear Friends, Our own proud human experiments since the Fall for living as men and women has proven to be a destructive, dysfunctional and failed mess. Male chauvinism is a march that is oppressive, with women … Read More

Letter from David Robertson

Dear Brothers and Sisters, They say that church and politics don’t, or shouldn’t, mix. There is some degree of truth in that. None of us come to church to hear political sermons, nor do we want to … Read More

Letter from Mike Clark

Dear Friends, Thankfulness and generosity are among the most striking and wonderful signs of God’s grace at work in the life of an individual or group. In the early days of the church, Luke draws … Read More

Letter from Luke Shooter

Dear church family, As you may know we have a wonderful opportunity to teach over 400 children and teenagers the gospel through our SRE (or ‘Scripture’) classes each week. We have four teams who teach … Read More

Letter from Luke Shooter

Dear church family, It’s an exciting season in the life of our church at St Thomas’. Last week we got to meet the Mantles. Please keep them in your prayers: Ellie asked us to pray … Read More

Letter from Micky Mantle

‘Oh give thanks to the LORD, for he is good: for his steadfast love endures for ever!’ (Psalm 118:1) Dear Friends, My name is Mickey Mantle. As you will likely know I have been given the … Read More

Last Letter from John Woodhouse

Dear friends, The first thing I want to say in this, my last Bulletin letter as acting senior minister at St Thomas’ Church North Sydney, is “Thank You” for the warm encouragement and support extended … Read More

Later from Luke Shooter

Dear church family, It’s been a distressing week seeing what’s unfolding in Afghanistan. The images that came out on Tuesday of thousands flooding the tarmac of the Kabul Airport show the desperation so many are … Read More

Pastoral Letter by Mike Clark

Look Up, Look Out! One of the great challenges of lockdown (for me at least) has been not letting the walls close in so that life becomes smaller and smaller. One of the great blessings … Read More

Letter from Gerard O’Brien

Dear Friends, A couple of Sundays ago I reminded the dads that we have primary responsibility for the spiritual growth of our children (Eph. 6:4). And we are very blessed here at St Thomas’ to … Read More

Letter from David Robertson

Brothers and Sisters, One of the reasons for us meeting together as a church is that we may ‘encourage one another’ (Hebrews 10:25). That’s why, (when we are permitted to do so), it is important … Read More

Letter from Luke Shooter

Dear St Thomas’ family, In just over 8 weeks we will, Lord willing, be welcoming the Mantles. I wonder how you are feeling about (finally?) having a new senior minister? Excited? Nervous? Relieved? I wonder … Read More